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10 Chefs, 10 photographers | 2015

10 Fest 2015 | EFTH *

 June | 2015


1 dinner. 2 days in kitchen, from the selection of the ingredients to service and few hours to edit. In the following day, an exposition. At the end, 100 photos give a new interpretation of the festival. This was the challenge presented by EFTH/Anfiteatro and José Franco (FotoTour) to the event taking place from 18 to 27 of June.

An international meeting, a classroom, an gastronomic lab, an sensorial experience. A challenge between space, colour, light, technic and edition with a taste of the azorian creativity.

This was my vision of the work of the chef TJ Delle Donne (US), that delighted the guests with american flavours prepared with the azorian products.


*The photos in this project were presented in the exposition "10 Chefs, 10 photographers", held at the Maritime Station of Portas do Mar in Ponta Delgada from the the end of June to the end of July 2015, along with the work of another 9 chefs and 9 photographers, in a total of 100 photos. The selected photos were presented in the day after the dinner of the Chef TJ Delle Donne.


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