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FINLAND | Polar Artic circle, Rovaniemi, Helsinki & Porvoo

Cold memories *

December | 2014


Finland is much more than the place where Santa Claus has his workshop. Snow, forests, rivers, architecture, markets and childrens' play invoke on each traveler a natural return to the past. This winter trip takes us to idyllic settings, a symbiosis that unites nature's colours with architectural lines, but also the cold with the vibration of the Christmas markets and its legendary carousels.


Modern and competitive, subtly organized and happy to receive hosts, Finland is socially balanced and environmentally conscious. The style only the Nordic life stands out by its architecture, design, entertainment and contemporary crafts. They have also a proud sports culture and love their pets. Its cuisine, with an russian and european fusion, invades with strong flavors that complement each other with berries and typical liqueurs. Finnish gastronomy itself is a sensorial picture.


In Finland, if you are prepared for cold and interessed in the nordics style of life, this is a great winter trip. As with any journey, by being away from our habitat, you need to know the geographic and climatic specificities of each destination (in the northern part of the country, you only have 4-6 hours of daylight), and go physically and mentally prepared for what you want to capture. Preparation is everything, because natures aurora borealis may surprise anytime, or never ever show up. 


Here, memories are everywhere. 



*The photos in this project were published in "O Mundo da Fotografia" printed edition (#119 - March 2015), with national distribution.


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