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Carlos Brum Melo holds a degree in Law and a Masters in International Relations.


Works in Secção Regional dos Açores do Tribunal de Contas and published a book on “Collective redundancies in the European Union” (AAFDL 2014), in which he seeks solutions to mitigate the effects of this legislative instrument in seven different EU Member States.


Carlos holds the key of his expression in documentary, humanist and travel photography, where he aims to contribute to global changes with small gestures, through messages that advocate human rights.


He has photography works about several countries, azorian people, events and traditions, but the most remarkable (so far) are about the effects of the 2015 earthquakes in Nepal ("Nepal, the creative life" - "Nepal, a vida criativa") and regarding the cultural heritage in Tibet and the fragile political relations between its people and the People's Republic of China ("Tibet, in the shadow of the rooftop of the world" - "Tibete, na sombra do teto do mundo").


Carlos has two long-term works in progress:

- “instant moments project // photography worth spreading”, sharing snapshots on the go; and

- "Viájário ilustrado", where he collaborates with Ana Catarina Silva, with travel chronicles published in revista Açores (Jornal Açoriano Oriental).

International exhibit (collective):

- "Light vs. shadow" (Morrocco)

           * Fringe Festival 2016 (Edinburgh - Scotland)

National exhibits (individual):

- "Nepal, the creative life"

          * Instituto Camões (Lisboa)

          * Antiga Capitania do Porto de Aveiro (Aveiro)

        * Galeria Arco 8 (Ponta Delgada / São Miguel Island / Azores)

- "Tibet, in the shadow of the rooftop of the world"

          * University of Porto (Porto)

          * University of Lisbon (Lisbon)

          * University of Coimbra / ISCAC (Coimbra)

          * Solvay Bibliotéque / International Campaign for Tibet

          * Arquipélago - Centro de Artes Contemporâneas dos Açores


          * 2016 LABJovem (5th edition) - Top 3 in the category of Photography // Light vs. shadow

          * 2017 Bolsa de Turismo de Lisboa 2017 (Blogger Travel Awards) - Best travel photography blog in Portugal (TOP 5)

           * 2018 momondo (Open Blog Awards) - Best travel photography blog in Portugal (TOP 10)

Photo Ⓒ Ana Catarina Silva

Address /

Ponta Delgada / São Miguel island / Azores archipelago / Portugal / European Union / Planet Earth / Milky Way

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