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Viajário ilustrado / Revista Açores

The words come from the "viajante", Ana Catarina Silva.

The images are brought by the "viajante ilustrado, "Carlos Brum Melo".

The magical discovery of each moment is experienced by "Viajante X"!


Literature award - LABJovem - Concurso de Jovens Criadores dos Açores (2019)

TOP 10 travel photography blogs - momondo (2018)

TOP 10 trabvel photography blogs - BTL, Bolsa de Turismo de Lisboa (2017)

In a combination of words and images, "Viajario ilustrado" is  sensorial experience that takes us to new worlds, knowing human dimensions, traditions and habits. It's chronicles published twice a month in Revista Açores, the most read magazine in the Azores, but also in SAPO Viagens.

Viajário ilustrado is a ABVP - Associação de Bloggers Portugueses de Viagem associate.



13-19th March 2016
Monthly chronicles published in the weekly magazine "Revista Açores" (Jornal Açoriano Oriental")

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