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Romeiros de Santa Cruz *

March | 2014


"Romeiros" represents the movement of pilgrimage on the island of São Miguel (Azores / Portugal).


Between 23 to 28 of March of 2015, a group of men iniciated their yearly pilgrimage around the island of São Miguel. This deeply devoted religious tradition honours cult, through a daily march marked by extreme physical sacrifice, material libertation and with extreme generosity of the azorian people.

This is an individual spiritual journey, that shares a familiar belief, with community reflexions.


Guided by their Master, the pilgrims walk more than 300 km in one week, having their own route, traditions and echoing prays. The 41 Romeiros of Santa Cruz were always accompanied by the presence of the Father, Mother and the Holy Spirit, making it a group of 44 elements.


This project aimed at an artistic approach to Romeiros of Santa Cruz, providing a high degree of dignity and respect to this group of men that leave their homes and start this journey. This is a (long term) project of unique feelings, looking forward to contribute to the regional heritage of this tradition.


*The photos in this project were published in "Diário da Lagoa" online and printed edition (May 2015), with local distribution.


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